Assume Nothing is a media production company, creating powerful television and radio, and producing audio visual content for the NGO and public sectors.



Our vision is a media which makes the population aware of the systems of ideas and ideals which we inhabit and how we can more effectively engage with them.

Our mission is to produce outstanding, consciousness-raising TV & radio and generate media content that helps the public and NGO sectors to communicate more effectively with their audiences.

With strong profiles in the NGO and public sectors, Sinéad and Luke will help you to:

  • Identify stories that will change how audiences thinks about the society they inhabit

  • Tell those stories with sensitivity to the issues at heart and with a daring that will challenge audiences the world over

  • Create content for your organisation which will help you connect effectively with your audiences

  • Be a trusted voice for the work and values of your organisation, often representing the most marginalised in our society


Who We Are


Luke Holland
Director & Co-Founder

Sinéad Gibney
Director & Co-Founder

Whether broadcast or client, we pride ourselves on building positive working relationships with those around us.


When we team up with a new client, our number one priority is always to make sure you get the output that will best achieve your goals.

Thanks to our own extensive experience in managing communications strategies in the NGO and public sectors, we understand that the most visually spectacular or technically impressive audio or video is not necessarily the most powerful tool for a given project or campaign – sometimes simplicity and clarity are more important than spectacle. That said, we also love some high-octane visuals when the occasion calls for them.

At Assume Nothing Media we are, above all, adaptable. Some clients like to be involved in each stage of the development process while others prefer their creative collaborators to run with the ball independently. At the outset, we will agree a process that is right for you. Our collaborations generally follow five key steps:

  1. Discovery: Understanding your organisation and your objectives is a fundamental first step in developing a high-impact audiovisual output. Once we really ‘get’ your organization and the aims of your project, we will develop a cutting-edge concept that ensures your goals are achieved.
  2. Planning and development: Storyboarding, logistics, arranging of a strategy to bring your vision to fruition.
  3. Production: Staging, filming, recording… This is where the building blocks of your output come together. Once we have prepared the content of your output, we will create a ‘rough cut’ sequence for you to review, ensuring the product is progressing in lockstep with your strategic objectives.
  4. Post-production: Some audiovisual producers skimp on this part, but being geeks this is the bit we love the most - editing, color-grading, motion graphic design, audio-sweetening - high quality post-production is where your output will really come to life.
  5. Dissemination: When the time comes to launch your output, we can also support you in designing and implementing a dissemination strategy that will reach - and influence - your target audience.

Our number one priority is always to deliver a product that will make the impact you want to make in the environment you want to make it. While we’re not shy about bringing our own expertise to bear in determining what will work best, we are also keen to learn about our clients’ work – that’s the best way to ensure our partnership helps you achieve your mission.